martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Shizuka Yokomizo

Shizuka Yokomizo nació en Tokyo aunque vive y trabaja en Londres. Conocida sobre todo por el trabajo que aquí presentamos de ella, "Strangers". Un proyecto elaborado en distintas ciudades para el cuál ella elegía a la persona y les escribía una carta para que posaran ante su cámara, solo ante su cámara. Os dejo la carta que envió a cada uno de los personajes de sus fotografías y evidentemente, sus fotos.


Dear Stranger,

I am an artist currently working on a photographic project which involves people I do not know. I would be delighted if you could get involved in this project. The project may be exhibited in some exhibitions next year.
I would like to take a photograph of you standing in your front room from the street in the evening. Acamera will be set outside the window on the street. If you do not mind being photographed, please stand in the room and look into the camera through the window for 10 minutes on []/[]/[]:[] pm. I will have come before []/[]/[]:[] pm and set up my camera. I will take your picture for 10 minutes and then leave.


It has to be only you, one person in the room alone. Please turn all the lights on and stand at least 1~1.5m away from the window. If you are too close to the window, you will become just a shadow in the picture.
I would like you to wear something you always wear at home. Please do keep reasonably still and calmly look into the camera. 10 minutes is a very long time to keep still. Please try it as much as possible but you can relax from time to time. If you do not want to get involved, please simply draw the curtains to show your refusal.
I will NOT knock on your door to meet you. We will remain strangers to each other. However, I will send you a small print later on with my name, address and telephone number. If you do not want your photograph to be exhibited, you can then let me know.
I really hope to see you from the window.


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